Welcome to Maple Ridge Farm

Welcome to Maple Ridge Farm

Welcome to Maple Ridge FarmWelcome to Maple Ridge FarmWelcome to Maple Ridge Farm


 If you're looking for an alternative to factory farmed meat, we’re here for you. If you’re someone who loves fresh flowers, we’re glad you found us. If you're curious about regenerative farm practices, you've come to the right spot. When you know your farmer, you know the source which means a lot given the current food system. If you're interested in connecting with a local farm, sign up for our weekly update. The update gives you access to our online store (so you can check out what we have available) and includes stories from the farm, along with insight into why we farm the way we do. In a way that's healthier for you, the animals and the environment.

About Our Farm


We're your farmers; Mark, Becky, Mitchell and Ben.

 We’re thrilled to be providing local families with healthy, delicious, ethically raised food, fresh from our farm.  Food you can feel good about eating! We are a family farm that raises grass finished beef, pastured pork and poultry, free range pastured eggs, honey and cut flowers.


Regenerative Farming Practices

Our farming practices improve the land. 


Ethical Treatment of Animals

Animals on our farm are living their best lives, doing what they love to do, outside in the fresh air and sunshine. 

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We're Glad you found us!

We're located in Sydenham, Ontario just north of Kingston. The more you know about how your food is raised the better. 

Maple Ridge Farm

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