About Our Farm

Pastured Everything

Our high quality, delicious food comes from animals that enjoy the natural environment in which they live; roaming fields, eating grass. Animals on our farm move through a rotational grazing system which improves the health and sustainability of our pastures and ultimately the soil. Building healthy, lush pastures for our animals is a priority.

Old Fashioned Farm

Having a diversified farm is intentional as it provides the opportunity for the different animals to work synergistically together. Doing what they naturally love to do all while bettering the land. For example, our laying hens spend their days free range following the cattle on pasture, scratching and pecking the ground looking for insects and disturbing thatch. In the spring the pigs happily root, flip, and turn the cow's winter bedding pack into a beautiful rich compost pile. 

Supporting our Farm

When you buy from our farm you are making a commitment to supporting a way of farming that honours the animal and the earth as well as contributing to the sustainability of family farms, our community and the local food movement  –  which is great for farmers and great for consumers who are getting the healthiest, best tasting, freshest food directly from the source. 

Natural Farming Practices

We are beyond organic. We do not use herbicides or pesticides as part of our farm practice. Animals on our farm are raised in the fresh air, sunshine and in the company of other animals. Our meat is free of vaccinations, growth hormones and antibiotics. 

Licensed Processing

The meat from our farm is processed, cut and wrapped in licensed, government inspected abattoirs.  

Farm Events

Upcoming Farm Events will be posted here.