Our Animals


Dexter Beef

We proudly breed and raise Dexter Cattle on our farm.  Dexter Cattle are a heritage breed originating in Ireland in the 1800’s. They are a smaller breed being about 2/3 the size of a commercial beef breed.  Dexters are known for their hardiness, strong mothering instincts, and calm demeanor.  Dexter beef is known for its “perfect” portion sized steak and distinct sweet taste. Dexter Steak won the impressive Gold Standard Quality Medal at the world steak Challenge in England this past year.  


Heritage Pork

On our farm we raise Berkshire and Berkshire, Tamworth crosses. Our pigs are pastured and spend their time rooting and grazing in the fields. In the heat of the summer, when not out grazing, you’ll find them cooling off in the wallows (mud bath).  Pigs are not able to sweat to cool off so mud cools their skin and acts as their sunscreen. Our pork has incredible flavour and is very popular with our customers.   


Pastured Poultry

Our meat chickens are raised exclusively outside in chicken tractors  (picture huge playpens) and are moved to fresh pasture each day. This contributes to the flavour of our farm fresh chicken.