Premium Pastured Protein



We offer premium pastured grass fed beef, pork and chicken directly from our pastures to your plate. Whether you are having a backyard BBQ, a formal gathering or a weeknight family dinner, we’ve got the meat to make your meals healthy, nutritious and delicious.  


Our juicy grass fed beef burgers and tasty steaks will have your friends begging you to host another BBQ.

If you haven’t tried pasture raised pork before, this is the pork to try. Our most popular pork cuts include;  Bacon, Pork Chops and Tenderloin. 

Our chicken is moist and full of flavour. Whether you want chicken breasts, wings, thighs or whole chickens for roasting we’ve got you covered. 


What our Customers have to say....

 “The flavour of your meats is beyond compare. It's enough to NEVER want to purchase store bought meat again.”

“The difference in flavour in your products from grocery store/butcher meat is amazing.” 

“Your pork chops have the best flavour I've ever tasted!”


We also have

Pastured Free Range Eggs


Raw Honey


Seasonal Prepared Meals Made with our Meat